In the early months of 2000, a group of Kansas licensed private investigators started an open dialogue with each other through electronic mail. In the course of this dialogue the desire and need for a new statewide association to represent Kansas licensed investigators was apparent. This dedicated group of investigators decided to meet in person to brainstorm and commit to creating an association that would best serve the profession.

In May, 2000, investigators from all over the state converged in Salina, Kansas. After many hours of passionate debate and discussion, a unanimous conclusion was drawn; Kansas licensed private investigators needed a statewide association to provide training, and guidance while, at the same time, offering them a medium to voice their opinions to regulatory bodies and to promote their industry. A steering committee was selected and given the task of conceiving the new association.

The Kansas Association of Licensed Investigators became a reality in August, 2000. The first general meeting was held in Emporia, Kansas and at the conclusion, K.A.L.I. was 40 members strong. After the second meeting held in Kansas City, MO in October, 2000, K.A.L.I. was 82 members strong. The Kansas Association of Licensed Investigators is the largest group of investigators to ever come together as an association.

Licensed private detectives in the state of Kansas can now be assured that they have a voice in guiding their profession and networking with the most professional investigators in the state. K.A.L.I. will always strive to provide its members with training, promotion of the industry, and a strong voice before regulatory bodies that have an impact on their future.