FullCircle Investigations

Investigator Status: Active
KALI Position: None

Licensed in the State of California and Kansas, the Corporation of Fullcircle Investigations maintains an unbiased work ethic providing full services for both the defense or prosecution. We work cases for Corporate businesses, attorneys and the private sector. Investigators are prior law enforcement in both civilian and military, trained and skilled having the experience and knowledge it takes to help you succeed in your case with a peace of mind. Our Staff can assist in many different services such as Missing Person, Family/Child Custody, Open Source Intelligence, Surveillance, Infidelity, Difficult Process Service, Presence of GPS vehicle trackers, TSCM Debugging or Bug Sweeping, Hidden Camera locating and Mobile Notary to name a few. Visit our Services page for additional information.

Coverage States: CA, KS, ID, UT, AZ