Daryl Bugner         

Investigator Status: Active
KALI Position: None

ICU is “The Surveillance Experts”   Licensed in Kansas and Oklahoma!!

ICU specializes in physical surveillance/work comp investigations/medical malpractice cases/personal injury-auto accidents-slip & fall-product liability cases/domestic/child custody/child in need of care/and many other types of investigations.  ICU has logged over 1700 surveillance cases and has approximately 26,500 surveillance hours. ICU has a fleet of 6 or more surveillance vehicles to work from. We utilize state of art equipment. ICU partners with a very select few of like minded profession Investigators, each with at least 20 years experience as a PI.

To ensure the client receives a professional investigation, ICU does not subcontract out work.

When you need to know the truth…contact ICU!!!!!

Coverage States: All of Kansas and Oklahoma