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StartHere Investigations, LLC

Finding the information you need

The focus of StartHere Investigations, LLC is you, our client. We design research methods producing results that fit your needs. The StartHere teams of subject matter experts are leaders in the complex Private Investigation Industry. Our network of contacts increases the likelihood of us finding what you, the client, needs. Following a “hunch” can often lead to solving a case, but hunches are more likely to develop into accurate conclusions when a thorough examination of the base facts has been completed. Good systems design, systematically delivers abundant amounts of, diverse information to us in a timely fashion. When you use our expertise and resources it will be the best use of your time and budget.

The following is a representative list of services we provide. If you don’t find your specific topic, please give us a call. For all of your investigative needs, StartHere.

Investigation Services

·         General Private Investigative Services

·         Asset Investigations

·         Trust / Trustee Services/ Location of Heirs and Successors

·         Report and Fact Validation

·         Surveillance

·         Court and Land Record Searches

·         Stalking and Harassment Investigations

·         Divorce and Custody Services

·         Workers’ Compensation

·         Pre-employment Background Checks

·         Workforce downsizing and, notification planning and intervention

·         Missing Persons Investigation

Training and Assessment

·         Developing Situational Awareness

·         Facility Security Assessment

To Discuss Your Information Needs

Vince Sabia
Kansas License: D-5717
Kansas License: F-5717

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